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  Jezzball Top 10 Highscore List for Level 45  
 (Data from 2005/Nov/06) 

Position Points  Scorer Options
#1 11,947,394 Svein Vold, Norway  Svein Vold
 Kristiansand, Norway
#2 11,687,875 No pic available  Jim Wilhelm
 Sim Valley, CA, USA
#3 11,392,756 George Thomas, USA  George Thomas
 Philadelphia, PA, USA
#4 11,040,021 David Beusterien, USA  David Beusterien
 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
#5 9,017,029 Benni mit Hut  Benjamin Rohland
 Königsfeld, Germany
#6 8,815,068 Svein Ladehaug, Norway  Svein Ladehaug
 Dokka, Norway
#7 8,634,075 Karen Hagarman & Co., USA  Karen Hagarman
 San Diego, CA, USA
#8 8,005,033 Thomas Rohland, Germany  Thomas Rohland
 Walzbachtal, Germany
#9 7,776,239
at Level 42
No pic available  Kjartan Árni Albertsson
 Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland
#10 7,637,788 Sharron Howard, USA  Sharron Howard
 San Diego, CA, USA

    * means that the scorer had an own page on www.jezzball.com when it was kewl, and  
    @ means that you can send him/her an e-mail.
    @? means that the e-mail address must be validated first.

Little remark on my score:
I achieved a slightly lower score (ca. 7 Millions) before such a highscore list was established on the now unfortunately gone site http://www.jezzball.com/t-45.htm, if I remember right, before even knowing this incredible web site or knowing that the game plateaus at level 49. All it required as motivation was the competition with my brothers, especially the one who introduced me to the game - and for a long period I claimed the internal Rohland throne (always in danger )! Besides, it was the first of four times I ever reached level 45 at all. As you can easily see in the above list it isn't the limit - this is rather about 12 millions. To be exact, the absolute limit is 12,302,158 points. But then you have used not a single tenth of a second. Assuming that ca. 300,000 Jezzball time units are required to finish levels 1 to 45, the realistic goal is quite exactly 12 mio. points. Which indeed incourages me to try it again - some time ...
Some years later...
I truly did it again, and the second visit of level 45 (again in direct competition with my brother Manu) brought me to a score of 7,745,657 in Level 45, so I made my screenshots and so on, mailed to David Rich, the man behind the former www.jezzball.com, but unfortunately I found him in a mood of no interest in Jezzball at all - which has continued almost until today. He was not even planning to give the site to another guy from Canada. He tried to, but it didn't work. Anyhow - now it's sold away to a slim unfunny download page - no longer a fan page, bouhouuuu. But that's why Benni and I still don't appear on his website.

Because of a greatly appreciated visit of my brother Benni I gave the game another try to reach Level 49 again, on march 2002. This time I did the score you see above, but in the year 2003 things changed radically - Benni overtook me! Let's see if he can keep the so-called internal Rohland throne for a very long time... As a matter of fact he brings a lot of life in the competion, and does a lot of data work for this website, he is sort of "typing master of jezzball.de" Thanks!.

Other comments about Jezzball:
It's one of the very rare games making me addicted - and of these the one with the biggest fan community (many more in the USA than in Germany). It requires a lot of patience, concentration and a special amount of "ignoring every amount". 
Because single games can last very, veery long, to be exact, several days long, if you're heading for a big score, yeah you could actually play it forever by repeating level 49, I choose a goal of my own: To have a top 5 list for every level, so that also the low levels are thrilling again. The purpose is no longer to just do the level, but to finish it fast AND good. That's a challenge beyond just looking at the end score. Especially for such statistics maniacs like me and my brothers
Another aim was keeping me busy with Jezzball: I wanted to break my own highscore in level 15 (1,005,667). I tried it often, but had no success yet :o(. Whoever wants to break this score - do it, and send me an e-mail.

Jipiiiieh! Yeeeeaaah!
I did it! Finally saved! After more than 2 years (the value above was made in January '99.) the "middle term goal" is finally reached! New value: 1,017,204 points. Now I will have time to spend for my chocolate paper collection, or for building this website.
In the same game after my victory over nervousness the scores of the next levels were overtaken, too: 16th to 19th.

Anno 2003, Summer, the times of rest on my "Lorbeeren" (don't know the English expression) is over - my brother Benni again has the best bonus, the best time AND the best score in Level 45 AND a better one in the above goaled level 15 AND my brother Michi has an even much better 15th-level score!! It's all like horror for a guy previously leading the german ranks for some years! Not such a hard horror...
Time to try it again...

There was an ultimate fan page out there, formerly managed by David Rich. He maintained a top 20 highscore list which tops out at 274 million points (The scorer must be a Jezz-Ironman!). It has now a far less attractive outfit and is located here.

For me, it doesn't seem to be very attractive to get on this list - the quality of a Jezzballer could better be measured by the position in the top 20 highscore list for level 45. Unfortunately I have made no screenshot proof of my score back then, that's why you can't find me there. But a "proof" could theoretically be faked with a good paint program.

However - let's jezz!

May I introduce you to two of my projects - a set of three very data intensive comparison pages:
one for the Scores,
one for the Bonus,
and one for the Times.

The other project is the so called Medaillenspiegel, which is more a project of my brother Benni, who is the one with the most gold medals, and this with a clear distance!

And never forget -
keep on jezzing!

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